Andrew Galitzine

2. Wochenende: 23./24.09.2017

Kunstpunkt 186

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Hubert-Hermes-Straße 3  40547 Düsseldorf
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Chelsea Bridge 3.30 am  2003 · Oil on canvas · 94 x 152 cm
As a coolly detached observer, Andrew Galitzine depicts our nights – the Nordic nights of our civilisation marked by technology’s luminous path and urban centres. This is what delineates the nightscapes and gives life to them. Life? Is it really life that confronts us here, or is that not just the reflexive response to the nature of our civilisation? Perhaps the artist has painted these nightscapes to remind us that nights laden with motifs of our yearning no longer exist.
And yet this longing remains buried within us. In us and also in the artist. I believe this is why he almost instinctively reaches not for black but for deep blues – indigo blue and, as he calls it, and Paris blue – as a background colours for these nightscapes. Who wouldn’t immediately imbue this blue with all its cultural associations and see it as a symbol of eternal, unquenchable yearning – as that blue flower of romantic, pre-industrial dreams and oneness with nature? Our loss seems all the more obvious for it.

Excerpt (auszug) of a speech at an opening of a previous exhibition hosted by;
Dr. Volker Wagner
Director of the Bochum City Archives
Stadt Düsseldorf
Kulturamt Düsseldorf
Stadwerke Düsseldorf